How to Serve Customers in a World of Social Distancing?

One of the underlying themes, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, is that the world will never be the same. How we work and do business will fundamentally change in a matter of months and stay with us thereafter. This is partly because the virus will never go away; it will merely be managed. A key component of managing the virus will […]

How to Measure the Productivity of your Remote Workers?

How do you evaluate the value members of your workforce bring into your organization? You have several options for gaining insight into the productivity of regular staff, but remote working is a different ball game. There’s always been the growing trend of businesses switching to remote workers. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has finally made it somewhat essential and no longer a […]

How to Create Pre-Launch Product Landing Page?

Are you planning to launch your product soon? Get the pre-launch landing page created so you canwhen you launch. Sometime back, we launched, a tool to test website load time, checking screenshots, etc. I got  2500+ visits from my email list, which is a great launch day. This was only possible because I had coming soon landing page where I […]

How SaaS Business can use a Knowledge base to Delight Customers?

Delivering customer satisfaction in a SaaS business is priority 1,2 and 3, at least that’s how I see it. In a SaaS business, retention is just as necessary as gaining new customers, and most of the time, the best way to deliver satisfaction is to meet and exceed customer expectations. This is particularly important when it comes to communication and. […]

Get Your Website Reviewed by Real Person

Launched your website, but did you get it reviewed by people around the world? People are waiting to review your website. Feedback is crucial for any business, and if you are launching or starting an online business, then your website plays a significant role in. You will like your site design, but not others may like it. That’s why you need […]

F5 irule to Protect Clickjacking Attack using X-FRAME-OPTIONS

Secure Clickjacking Attack with X-Frame-Options using F5 iRule There are multiple ways to add X-Frame-Optionsin your web applications. However, implementing through F5 load balancer is probably the easiest one. By doing at a network edge using F5 iRule give you the advantage of making changes no fly. That’s right; you don’t need to restart any services hence no. There are […]

Build Online Community and Forum with these 8 Best Software

Forums are an integral part of the internet, and not having one for your business would mean limiting growth. It’s easy to say that online communities aren’t relevant anymore, but little do we know that forums if nurtured well, can be beneficial for a business. Just imagine how many times we turn to forums looking for solutions to a problem […]

Build a Mobile App without Coding with these 8 Platforms

Several factors come into play when thinking about building a mobile app for your business. And, mainly, those factors come down to cost and approach. It is not cheap toto build an app for you, even if you hire someone with less-than-professional experience. And the more complex a mobile app you need, the pricier it will get in the long […]