9 Best Cloud PBX Solution for Small to Medium Business

If you’re on the hunt for a business phone system, you’ve likely seen the acronym PBX quite often. PBX is short for. Unlike a public phone network, PBX enables businesses to operate their phone network by themselves. Traditionally, PBX systems were available only as on-premise solutions. This meant rigorous self-management, high cost of maintenance, and high-level complexity. And although still […]

7 Best SaaS HRMS for Startups and Enterprises

HR is a people’s profession. It is people, better to say, employees who drive businesses. Hence, keeping them motivated and managing them wisely is crucial. Thanks to technological breakthroughs such as HRMS software involving artificial intelligence and automation, HR processes have become less challenging. As your business grows, various issues start surfacing that include scaling, managing processes and data, workforce […]

4 Best Trustpilot Features for Flawless Customer Review Management

What should you expect from better customer review management platform? If you are concerned with brand management or building trust with customers (which you should be), then you certainly know the importance of managing consumer feedback. Considering thattrust online reviews just as much as a recommendation from a friend or peer, andbelieve that this feedback influences their buying habits, customer […]

5 Best Subscription Management Services for SaaS Business

The need for subscription management software is growing. And why not? It enables SaaS companies to bill their customers through various payment options and efficiently manage billing cycles and transactions. However, managing all these processes is not that easy, especially when you have many customers. Collecting customer details and tracking their subscription status, generating invoices and receiving payment, and so […]

12 Best Geocoding and Maps API Solution for Your Applications

In today’s time, it has become a norm to use maps on our smartphones. Everyone does and should, as it guides us to our destination without fail. And because we know the fact that maps are widely used, it is only a wise decision to build an application of your own. However, building a geocoding/map application from scratch can prove […]

35+ Tools to Help to Convert Idea into Product Launch

We all have an idea, but when it comes to implementing them, it gets lost somewhere. Converting an idea into a product requires time, energy, passion, and the right tools & technologies. A few months back, I started working on my idea to have a Site Toolbox where you can test your website load time, checking screenshots in another region, […]

Where to Get Outstanding Proposal Templates to Win Clients?

A strong and persuasive proposal is one of the first and important factors in converting your prospects into potential clients. Whether you are aor own a small or medium-sized business, proposals are a ticket to getting a regular flow of clients and help you thrive in a stable business. However, preparing your first proposal may seem daunting at the beginning. […]

How to Create Pre-Launch Product Landing Page?

Are you planning to launch your product soon? Get the pre-launch landing page created so you canwhen you launch. Sometime back, we launched, a tool to test website load time, checking screenshots, etc. I got  2500+ visits from my email list, which is a great launch day. This was only possible because I had coming soon landing page where I […]

How SaaS Business can use a Knowledge base to Delight Customers?

Delivering customer satisfaction in a SaaS business is priority 1,2 and 3, at least that’s how I see it. In a SaaS business, retention is just as necessary as gaining new customers, and most of the time, the best way to deliver satisfaction is to meet and exceed customer expectations. This is particularly important when it comes to communication and. […]