11 Best Helpdesk SaaS Platform for Your Business

Find out some of the best cloud-based helpdesk solutions to manage your customer support. There is a lot of powerful cloud-based helpdesk system that you can use instead of the traditional method to install and manage the software by yourself. Software as a Service (SaaS) got many advantages and sounds perfect for startup and small to medium businesses. Over a […]

12 Best Cloud CRM Solutions for Growing Businesses

The way you manage your customer data has the power to make or break the deal! To provide customers with a personalized experience, companies now want to integrate technologies and platforms with their customer data. As a result, the CRM software industry continues to expand at a surprising rate. As per, 91% of businesses with over 11 employee strength now […]

12 Best Geocoding and Maps API Solution for Your Applications

In today’s time, it has become a norm to use maps on our smartphones. Everyone does and should, as it guides us to our destination without fail. And because we know the fact that maps are widely used, it is only a wise decision to build an application of your own. However, building a geocoding/map application from scratch can prove […]

12 Best PDF Software & Online Services to Edit, Convert and More

Since its inception 25 years ago, PDFs are still one of the main types of documents we use. Whether you’re viewing a tax form, a contract, or even a little worksheet, they’re probably going to be in the form of PDF. With that being said, there are also times when we need to edit the document or even sign it. […]

12 Fantastic Tools to Find Smart Domain Name for Your Business

One of the challenging tasks at thefor startup/business owners is to find the smart domain name. A domain name that is short, easy to pronounce, rememberable, and SEO friendly. Considering the growth in an online website, it might be frustrating to see the domain is registered which you are looking for. There is more thanregistered, so it’s likely that whatever […]

12 Tools to Help You Run Your Affiliate Program

Getting the word out about your product is arguably the most important and the most difficult aspect of digital marketing. Even though there are, it can seem daunting to get your rhythm going. Perhaps one of the most overlooked marketing techniques is. Not only can you earn consistent income from your affiliate partner program, but you can also generate plenty […]

13 Beautiful Tools to Create Status Pages for your Business

Open source, FREE, and commercial solution to create a status page for your business to better communicate. How do you communicate with your customers, users, clients about the service status? Let’s take an example… You are a SaaS-based company offering some services which involve API, site URL, local PoP, etc. They are meant to be running 24×7, but things can […]

13 Best Beautiful Screenshot Tool and API for Your Business

Using screenshots is a great way to explain a specific topic with ease because visuals are more digestible than text. However, if you’ve ever gone on a screenshot spree where you visit the webpages, take the screenshot and edit them to make it look appealing, you know the task isn’t the easiest. It’s kind of a struggle to do it […]

13 Best eCommerce Platforms for Small to Medium Business

In this digital era, businesses are moving to a different dimension where selling or buying is just a click away. Whether you want to sell a pen or real-estate, you do not necessarily need a tangible, brick, and mortar store. Ecommerce platforms have got you covered, given you pay attention to adding value to your targeted customers. The whole process […]

13 Platforms to Create Knowledge Base and FAQ for Your Business

Create a knowledge base (KB) of FAQ (frequently asked questions) for your business Well! The accuracy with ease with which you could solve the pain-point of the customer with solutions is all part of a good customer experience. A well-planned “Knowledge Base or FAQ section” is one of the self-service tools you could offer your customers so that they can […]